Monday, July 13, 2015

Nashville Flea: June Edition

We were back at the flea this June.We haven't been buying much vintage this year, but I still love to browse. The weather was beautiful this day! A small respite from the sweltering heat/humidity we've all been having. Here are some of the things we saw:
I don't think I've seen this seal toy before. I love her floral wreath.
If the visible dog in the box was as cute as the illustration on the front he would have come home with me!
Oh Vincent!
Travis trying out a megaphone. He let out the most beautiful falsetto note.
Here is a photo of his lips. Hahahahaha, I crack up every time I look at it!
If I had a covered porch I would love to have this cute thing!
I'm always on the lookout for vintage toys. Love this vinyl tiger.
I really wanted this little dog toy, but couldn't think of a place to put it. Isn't it cute?
Best buds shopping with me. Crystal and Marc were set up here again and Crystal shopped with us for a while.
Did I mention that I'm having a Neil Diamond summer? Was happy to pick up this record!
After we had our fill of shopping we went to Baja Burrito for dinner. The weather was too beautiful to eat inside. I got my usual peasant plate. Perfection.


  1. That looks like a really fun day. Love the flea market.

  2. I think this flea market may be my idea of heaven swoon

    retro rover

  3. My heart swoons over the colorful vintage...and I see a vintage MJ in the corner of one of the shots. Adore all the kitsch :)


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