Monday, July 6, 2015

Kicked out of Rock Island!

We headed out to our favorite swimming hole a few weeks ago to celebrate a friend turning 30.The forecast was for rain so we kept thinking we would have to call it off, but we went anyway and were rewarded with a great day of swimming. I love that place! I wish it was a little bit closer.
Billie the dog came! She loved it, and swam pretty much nonstop the whole time we were there.
Jumping in!
There were a bunch of people there I swear! This is pretty much the only picture I got that wasn't of Travis, Crystal and Marc. Oops.
This part is shallow so you can let the current take you away from the little water fall. So fun.
Travis about to jump. I'm still too chicken to try!
I bet he jumped 5 times throughout the day.
Billie very good at towing everyone around.
Old lady boxer having a great time.
I bet you are wondering about the title of this post. We got escorted out because we had alcohol in our cooler. Dang! They do have signs posted, but no one has ever said anything to us. Oh well, the ranger was nice about it, and it made us feel like rebels. He said the cooler was a dead giveaway. Haha. At least we got kicked out after we had been there several hours.
We stopped at Sonic on the way back for tots and cherry lime-aids.
Here is the only picture of my face I took that day. I wish I had smiled! What a great day.
Crystal and I sang the whole way back, the boys slept.
Two weeks until our family vacation to Asheville! I can't wait.


  1. This is what I've been waiting for!!! Although, I had hoped it was for something a little more rebellious. Hahaha!!! You guys have so much fun!

    1. hahah, i know, i wish it was something cooler. do you listen to ross matthews podcast? he talks about being offered drugs at a party and he didn't want them, but loved that someone thought he might, like he looked cool! haha "just say know, but look like you'd say yes!"

  2. SUCH REBELS! I wish that place was more accessible- I LOVE a swimming hole!

    1. i wish it was too! it is SO fun but there would really be no way to get you down there. such a bummer.

  3. Oh dear and it looks like such a great place and dogs can come awesome

    1. there are always so many dogs! sometimes i wish i had one that could go on adventures.


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