Friday, August 28, 2015

The August Flea: Too Hot to Handle

We've been having some of that teaser fall weather in Tennessee lately. I was excited for the August flea market, there is nothing like browsing junk with nice weather. To add to my delusion, I brought a sweater! In case I got cold! How did I forget, the August flea is the WORST! Haha, we didn't last in the heat too long. Here are some things we saw.
Thomas came with us. I made him try on stuff.
Always drawn to toys.
I have wanted one of these chalkware Elvis lamps for a LONG time! I never find one in decent shape for a descent price in the wild though. Someday he will be mine!
Speaking of chalkware...
Anything that looks like a dream pet immediately catches my eye. 95 dollars?!?!
When it is so hot we can't resist these overpriced lemonades! They taste so good on a sweltering day.
There was lots of taxidermy at the flea, as usual. So many cute critters.
I love this squirrel!
There was a whole basket of beautiful valentines, and this creepy one.
I think the heat made me not want to browse or haggle. I bought a few photos from this bin, and that is it. We had fun though!
Kimmie found this stunning piece of artwork to add to her office. You can hear all about it on her blog. For real, go read her blog! Kimmie is the best! (we have a date to see Dirty Dancing the Musical next month and I can't wait to have the time of my life)
There is a LOT of good vintage at the Nashville flea, but there is also a lot of less than desirable stuff. Like these hats.....I love drinkin' a BEEP. Haha!
I can't wait for next month! I really need a good vintage fix.


  1. I really want to go back when it's cooler and maybe on a friday during the day. Thanks for perfectly capturing the rapture on my face upon finding that weird picture. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  2. Don't keep me hanging. Did you buy that portrait??

    1. I didn't. I don't really have any wall space! I LOVED It though! perfect color scheme

  3. Heat aside, this was kind of a lame month for the flea. Lots of vendors just don't come because it's too hot. Next month will be lots better.


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