Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Blue Ridge Parkway and Skinny Dip Falls (Not What You Think!)

We left Sliding Rock wanting somewhere we could actually swim. We asked a guy directing traffic in the parking lot if Skinny Dip Falls was close. He said yes, but sneered that it was small and would be crowded. Which was funny because Sliding Rock was PACKED with people! We went anyway.
To get there we had to get on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains seem to go on forever.
That is Looking Glass Rock. A photo doesn't even capture the beauty.
We enjoyed the view by taking very classy photos, as usual.
Skinny Dip Falls is off of the parkway and there is quite a hike to get there. We were cracking up because the site I looked it up on said it was a super easy hike, nothing strenuous, no climbing....it wasn't terrible but I definitely wouldn't take Grandma (that was our standard. Definitely don't bring Grandma)
This tree looks weirder every time I look at it.
Finally there! Once you can see the falls it looks fake! Like something a theme park would make.
There was a whole series of falls and swimming holes. Nothing huge, but beautiful. There were people there, but it definitely didn't feel crowded.
The water was so clear!
I took 6 pictures of Travis jumping but none came out clear. Ah well.
We all loved this spot. It was really fun to explore.
This felt like our personal swimming hole. It was down below the bridge.
Travis made several of these.
Travis was really in his element.
Topped with a tiny piece of pink quartz.
Wonderful! Skinny Dip falls is so nice. I would love to go again on a hotter day.
We drove close to an hour back to Asheville for dinner. All that hiking and swimming and sliding called for carbs! We seem to always end up places that have a Mellow Mushroom. Yum.
"Make a pizza face!"
I got a vegan calzone. With tomatoes and mushrooms and spinach.
Such a good day.

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