Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A birthday and 14 years together

Yesterday was Travis' 31st birthday! He was in charge of what we did all day so we really lived it up. We got brunch at The Post East (That waffle was AMAZING) and did our usual candle in everything tradition. The waiter here caught us! But he thought it was cute.
We went to a movie (Eddie the Eagle) and put candles in our popcorn, bought him a new bathing suit, then hung out with our best friends all afternoon. We met the Easter Bunny and got sushi for dinner. We ended the night watching a Seinfeld episode of Travis' choosing (The Slicer). I think he had a great day.
Here is our Easter Bunny photo. Crystal edited it to make it way cuter than the original. 
Travis' birthday is also our dating anniversary. This year marked 14 years since he asked me to be his girlfriend. Here is our first photo together (we were 15!).
And our most recent photo together. I am so lucky that my first boyfriend turned out to be amazing and my true love. We aren't perfect, but I wouldn't trade these years with him for anything. He is the kindest, truest person I know.

Here is a silly little video I made with some "photos through the years" of the two of us. I had so much fun going through old photos on facebook looking for these. I am so glad I've taken so many photos over the years.

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