Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dinner Downtown, and Airbrush Shirts!

Gatlinburg is for photo ops. You could see the snow capped Smoky Mountains from this spot, but they didn't show up in this photo. Ah well, the view is still pretty great, amirite?
You always have to stop in front of Ripley's and spin the giant rock ball. 

When I go anywhere with Crystal, a full quarter of our photos are of us posing. And that is perfect. Also, I've wanted to get one of those wooden signs forever. but I don't know where we would hang it. Or what it would say since I didn't change my name when we got married. I do know I love that cat sign.
While in the hot tub we discussed what Disney characters we all are. Marc is Aladdin (lies, steals, still nice) and I was called Belle (likes books and beasts). We laughed when we found these two "cool" Disney shirts in one of the shops.
There are still a few kitschy things left. Like some of these cute mugs. 
Jamie was talking about visiting the Donut Friar the whole drive into town. They only accepted cash so we had to find an ATM and on the way found a sweet SOCK store. I bought three pairs! Bunnies and pugs and Spock socks.
The only vegan food I know of in Gatlinburg is at the Mellow Mushroom. Thankfully all our friends were down for that, because we ate there three days in a row! At least there are two so we were able to mix it up a little.
It is right above Ole Smoky Moonshine which is really popular. There are always tons of people doing tastings, even though moonshine is GROSS.
Couple shots while waiting for our food. Our waiter was very strange. I asked him for the cocktail menu and he pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket with it photocopied on it. So weird.
It is also nice when Crystal comes along because then there are pictures of me. 
I got a "Shroom Tea." It was really good! 
I probably could eat pizza every day. 
Crystal copied me and got a Shroom Tea as well. I can't wait for our trip to LA in May. It is going to be all selfies and peace signs and eyeliner.
We got tempeh on our pizza for the first time, and it was GOOD! That is the new standard. Tempeh and spinach and pineapple.
We wanted to get air brush shirts so we went into all the shops we saw looking for a good design. There are very view that are actually good. We saw LOTS of this scary dog thing, and apparently it is from a popular video game? I hate it!
We finally found one with some we liked. I would give you the name of the shop but the ladies working were so RUDE I wouldn't recommend them. Also, they totally trick you with the posted prices vs. what you pay. But our shirts turned out awesome. I'll show you lots of pics of us in them soon. We got matching ones!
Here is me awkwardly standing, being berated by the ladies working there maybe. 
We got this design. But instead of "Greg & Tara" we got "Hot Tub Club"
We walked around the weird four story "mall" and posed with some bears but were cold and had to get back to the cabin (and the hot tub!).
See ya later downtown Gatlinburg! Where the Christmas decorations come down the first week in March.


  1. An airbrushing experience should *never* be a negative one! Boo on those folks who were rude. Although those shirts are super cute!

  2. AHHH! Those ladies were hands down the worst. When I do my recap blogs, I feel like they might deserve an entire post! "I want mine to say 'Baby's first gaitlinburg trip!"- bet with total bitch looks exchanged between the women as they were judging my tshirt choice!

  3. I love air brush so fabulously 80s. I always want to find air brush shirts for the dogs lol

    retro rover

  4. I died when I saw your shirts on Instagram haha. We are going with some friends next month, and I really hope they are down for some sweet matching airbrush shirts!


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