Friday, March 11, 2016

To Gatlinburg with Friends

A couple weekends ago we took a little trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with some friends. I was a little bit skeptical of the time we picked, at the end of February, but it ended up being beautiful! When we left Nashville it was snowing, by the end of the trip is was in the low 70s!
Gatlinburg is awful and awesome at the same time. We spent most of our time in the cabin we rented (which was amazing, I'll show you soon!) but we spent one afternoon shopping.
Travis has been on a knife buying ban for a while now (he has SO MANY) but we made a deal that if he scooped the litter box every day in February he could buy whatever knife he wanted at Smokey Mountain Knife Works. Unbeknownst to me he offered anyone that went with him a ten dollar gift? Because he thought no one would want to go. Probably because I never want to go. I know you are on the edge of your seat, this is what he got!
(Some kind of Swiss Army Knife)
The Knife store is great if you are interested in seeing the largest indoor waterfall in the Smoky Mountains. Or if you need to buy an assault rifle or a toilet paper stand shaped like a black bear.
There were also two bins of buttons that us weirdos were drawn too. There were lots of horror movie and old comic buttons. I bought a Worf one! Oh, and Kimmie came with us! We went on a trip with more than just our usual crew of four. It was fun!
In addition to the waterfall, they have a "shank museum". 
There were a few levels and one was full of rocks and cases of antiques and "vintage" gems. Like this David Hasselhoff yearbook. Why didn't they have it open to the page with his photo on it?
You read that right: "Official Exact Reproduction Alien Egg Used in the Movie "Aliens." What? 
Aubrey bought a cool pink crystal thing. Crystal bought some cute pins. I creeped on everyone from the walkway above.
We left the knife place (I bought some Thin Mints at the door!) and went to downtown Gatlinburg to the main strip. When I was a kid it was full of kitschy  shops, now it is mostly stuff like Claire's and hot sauce stores. There are a few good ones left. My favorite is the Smokey Mountain Candy Kitchen. Their graphics are perfect.
Gorgeous hook rug!
I really enjoy the hand made signs. 
Aubrey is showing off the yummy salt water taffy, Crystal is crying over how cute the chocolate box is. Sadly the taffy isn't vegan. I wish I could still eat it!
The taffy box! I have part of my vintage photo collection in one of these boxes. 
I ended up buying some cashew brittle. Mostly for the cute tub it comes in. 
The bears! Every time we go I threaten to get a tattoo of one of these guys. 
Group shot! 
Aubrey took this amazing shot of Crystal and me. Hah! It's the thought that counts.

More to come! (As I'm sure you know. Crystal and I on the same trip equals over 1,000 photos in four days! )


  1. Haha! I remember how excited we were to find those damn buttons!!! That was all there was for me bc I don't care about racist bumper stickers or whoever turtle man is

  2. That hook rug in Ole' Smokey Candy Kitchen is everything! I don't eat very much candy, but the vintage graphics on all their stuff is the cutest and I end up buying things for the cute boxes. The bear would be a super-cute tattoo, just sayin'.

  3. Loved finding your blog! About to take a group of nutball craft bloggers from around the country to The 'Burg in a couple of weeks, to introduce them to all the stuff I love about Dolly's homeland. This is a perfect primer! Thank you loads ♡

  4. Oh wait, did i post twice? D'oh! Please ignore one, if so :D

    1. I hope you guys have fun! Gatlinburg is the WORST and the BEST!


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