Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fun in the Cabin

It's finally here, my last post about our trip to Gatlinburg. Like I mentioned a few days ago we rented the most amazing cabin! When we go to the Smoky Mountains a great cabin is key because we're going to spend most of our time there. Here are some photos of what we got up too.
One morning Aubrey gave us makeovers on the porch and Kimmie taught us all about the wonders of fiber lash! The best part was Aubrey did mine in the bright sun, so the base was WHITE when I went inside. Like, mime white! It was a good look.
Our combined supplies. 
It was a very exciting time for the boys. 
Especially Kabuki. 
Turns out we are all huge Office fans! So we played this game. I got to be Phyllis.
Look at all those Schrute Bucks! We never finished the game because I was hangry and we had to go get lunch.
Kabuki is so cute! He cuddled up under every blanket. 
Again, I loved the little bar by the stove in the kitchen. It made it so easy to hang out while someone was making dinner. Aubrey suggested we do a baked potato bar and I think it is going to be a new staple! It was so fun and it makes it easy for all of us with different diets to eat together!
Oh yeah!
Crystal hiding her face because she wasn't wearing eyeliner, haha!
Yum! Potatoes with Earth Balance and broccoli and fake chicken strips and hot sauce. Perfect.
We brought tons of games as usual, but only ended up playing two. This was our Kigurumi night.
We played Heartthrob. Have you taken my advice and found this yet? It is SO FUN. We laughed the whole time we played it. We have big plans for our own version of it, coming soon.
Kimmie was a cute panda. She is drinking our signature trip drink, the Hot Tub Club! It was sprite, vodka, grenadine, vodka soaked gummy bears, and strawberries. Very fancy.
Jamie was a devil, I was Totoro, and Travis was a dinosaur. I wish we had gotten a big group photo!
Marc doesn't have one, but Crystal has a Rilakkuma one. Marc is probably laughing at one of my jokes. Maybe.
I posted this on facebook and someone commented that Beiser was praying for Jamie to go away, and now that is all I can see. Hahaha. The devil one was so cute!
And last but not least, here is us being creepy in the tiny room. This is moments before we turned the lights out and tried to scare Travis. It didn't work.
What a great weekend! We are hoping to make it an annual thing. And I can't wait to get back to that cabin!


  1. That's all I can see now too!!! So unintentional . So good! Btw you left maraschino cherries out as a hot tub club ingredient ...because you can never have enough garnishes

  2. *make sure to bring a flashlight if you're going to the fire though because if you don't you'll spill your drink and maraschino cherries will go everywhere. this was so much fun to relive!!!


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