Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nashville Pug Meetup!

Travis and I we able to go the Nashville Pug meetup a couple weekends ago! If you have been around for a few years you might remember we used to go to Pugs in the Park, but that group slowly died after the picnic shelter we usually used was under construction for months and months. I recently found the Nashville pugs group on facebook, which is a fun place to post photos and see everyone's little darlings. Here are some of the photos I took this month:
This first one was taken by Tobias Turner and posted on the group page. Look at poor Priscilla! This might be her last event out. I think her sight has deteriorated to a point that it is too overwhelming for her to be around lots of dogs coming at her. She cuddled up close to me and hid her face for most of the time we were there. Poor thing. 
Phyllis on the other hand LOVED it. Not the other dogs, she could take or leave them, but she loved making the rounds and getting picked up. That girl loves anyone who will hold her.
Now for some pugs that aren't mine. I remember some names....
Several pugs made themselves at home on our blanket. Into it.
I didn't even mean to wear pugs socks for the occasion. 
Look at those ears!
This meet up was at the Centennial Park small dog park so there were many non pugs there. I THINK this little dude belonged to one of the pug people, but I'm not sure. He was so tiny and cute! I picked him up a few times.
Phyllis waiting for someone to pick her up.
Poor Priscilla, nervously waiting for some strange dog to come get in her personal space.
Lookit him!
Behind Travis you can see that one gate of the small dog park us up a little bit of a hill. We came in that way, set Priscilla down and she almost rolled down the hill! Thankfully I was close and grabbed her really quick. Next time we'll park at the bottom of the hill I think.
Here is Phyllis looking for more new friends.
Awwwwwwww tongue. (And yes Travis got a meme tattoo.)
This is Roxanne! Her dad took tons of photos too. I was glad  because it made me feel less weird about pulling my camera out!
The theme was "pug birthday party". 
That little angel is Mr. Kitty! He is a silver pug puppy and one of the cutest things I've ever seen! He just wanted to run and play but he got scooped up by everyone he ran by! So precious!
Someone brought a dog birthday cake so there was a bit of a feeding frenzy!
We were there about an hour and a half then it got a little too hot! There is talk about some members hosting in the future so pugs can get inside if the temps get too high. That would be fun! I can't wait for the next one.
When I got home I left my two in the car while I went to unlock the house door. When I turned around this little bit had tried to follow me. Those ears kill me!
Priscilla actually has a check up this Friday. Send her some good thoughts! These senior exams always have me crossing my fingers hoping nothing new has popped up!


  1. Phyllis is so teeny she reminds me of Fry

  2. DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS I want to crash a dog party! I've started asking all my dog owner friends to bring them to the tattoo shop on Saturday like a weirdo, then I just abandon my work and sit on the floor with them. lol Also Mr. Kitty made me laugh for seven hundred minutes. That's the best name I've ever heard.


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