Thursday, April 7, 2016

What's In My Bag

Remember when bloggers were always posting about what they carried in their bags? I always liked that, and I don't think I ever did it. So today, you get the thrill of seeing what I carry around with me on the daily!
I switch bags all the time but lately I have been loving this one that my friend Marc made me for my birthday many moons ago. It is little and kind of weird with that woodpecker fabric, just how I like things. He makes cute Ouija board purses now.
These two buttons have also been on this bag for years! That dog one was on a wedding gift card and used to be fuzzy. And I always like to support my favorite wizard rock group, Harry and the Potters.
1. planner by Orange Circle Studios to keep all my jobs in order
2. Jane Eyre pencil pouch from Out of Print
3. my house keys with a keychain reminder from With Care Jewelry
5. my car keys with an alley cat gouger from Goblinko Mega Mall to keep me safe in parking lots
4. the cutest little bagpiper change purse (got it at an estate sale)
5. some snacks like a sumo tangerine or some jolly ranchers
6. my favorite hand cream from Andalou naturals
7. ear plugs since I am old now and sometimes things are just too loud
8. my custom Space Husbands wallet from Olivia Frankenstein
9. a stack of Olivia Frankenstein business cards to hand out when someone compliments my shirt or my bag or one of my many Olivia Frankenstein items! my best friends run that shop and I am for sure a fan girl.
Speaking of Olivia Frankenstein, she gave me this little pouch. I keep my ipod in there, and I use that cute cat thing to keep my ear buds in order. I bought it at Daiso in Seattle! It came with a cute puppy one too.
Inside my Jane Eyre bag is a selection of cute pens, washi tape and some little post its. I like my planner to look neat so I write things in on post its until they are confirmed. These little kitty ones are my favorite!
Last but not least the Totoro power bank I bought from Amazon and my Kindle simple touch. That power bank is a life saver and so cute! You press his nose and his teeth light up to show you how much power is left. I bought my Kindle used and I really love it. I always have a few library books lined up to read. I used to say I would never give up reading physical copies of books, but I'll admit I'm totally team e-reader now.


  1. I also got one of their valentines pouches and I keep my iPod, earbuds and charger in there! I love it. It says "I'm head over heals for you" and has a boy doing a cart wheel

  2. Of course I love all the kitschy goodness in your purse. Especially the kawaii little kitty bookmarks. I have a mint tin from the thrift store I use as my card holder that looks almost identical to the ouija one by Olivia Frankenstein. Looove their merch :)


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