Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Life Lately

Spring is finally here and I'm so happy! I got some new summer shoes and our lilac bush and dogwood tree are KILLING it right now. It has still been cold at night and in the mornings, but I know I'll be in the pool soon!
Last week I was in the backyard with the dogs and saw something was this possum! At first I thought it was really puffy and weirdly shaped, but then I saw she had SEVEN babies clinging to her back! I put the dogs back inside real quick (not that they even noticed the possum) and took some photos of her. She trundled around the yard for a while and I tried not to scream out loud because it was SO CUTE. I've been keeping an eye out for this little family but haven't seen them again. The babies were about as pig as russet potatoes and I wanted to kiss their little faces!
I have been dog sitting up a storm lately! First I spent several days with my friends new puppy Bowie, then we had Cooper (a 14 year old blind pug gentleman) as a houseguest for six days, and now I'm watching my Aunt's dachshunds while she is on vacation. I'm actually there right now, sitting on the couch with two dachshunds and my two pugs. We're watching Catfish and they are loving it.
Look at how cute Bowie is! I was with him from 6:30 to 3:30 for several days because he is being crate trained and they weren't ready to leave him alone all day yet. It was wonderful, I mostly played with him, then read while he napped. They have a great backyard with a little deck by a creek so I spent many hours reading on the deck, listening to the birds. So relaxing! You can see Bowie helping me read.
This past weekend Nashville had it's first Vegfest! I didn't get any photos because it was SO CROWDED! They had almost 5,000 people show up! Double what they expected. Above you can see all the stuff we brought home. I was so stoked that there were so many vegans and veg curious people in Nashville! And we're getting two new vegan restaurants by the end of May!
Retro Sno, one of my favorite food trucks is back out! I try to talk Travis into going to find them as often as I can. I love a good Snoball!
My good friend Marc drew this photo of me being carried by Spock! I LOVE it and it makes me laugh. Look at that sultry pose! He made a pin up of Kimmie from That Girl in the Wheelchair that I love! Crystal made me a 2.5 inch pin of this so I can wear it all the time. Spock!
Speaking of Spock, I'm trying these straight across bangs again. Getting closer and closer to the everyday Vulcan look I want. (I'm so excited for the new movie this summer! I'm planning a little casual Kirk/Spock cosplay for Travis and I). Also, I might go to Knoxville to meet William Shatner. We'll see....we'll see.
My birthday is coming up and my friend Aubrey gave me my gift early. It is an Amazing Kreskin ESP game! We tried it last night and non of us seem to have the gift. It was fun to try through!
The weather means there has been a lot of patio sitting lately (and way to much going out to eat!). We took Phyllis to a Warby Parker dog event recently, then ended up at a bar with a fire pit with her. I think she loved it.
I'm still loving working at the vegan kitchen. I'm trying to get in a habit of taking breaks, even if it is just to sit in the parking lot for a few minutes. I have some other job stuff going on, exploring some possibilities, waiting for calls. Waiting is the hardest!
The pugs are doing well! Priscilla had her yearly exam just last week and everything looks as good as expected. We are going to try some medication for her dizziness. Phyllis hasn't had a coughing spell in about two months, so fingers crossed! We're hoping for no medical emergencies this year!
That's it for me I guess! I hope you are having a nice spring. Summah is coming!


  1. I love that you got the flamingo shoes too arent they they best! I am planning a whole outfit around them and just got a pink flamingo purse. I also like the vulcan look and the picture. Im going to two trek conventions this year one in Philly by myself in August because John is not into conventions and Im getting my photo with Shatner and one in NYC with a coworker in Septmeber. I also just read Shatner's book Leonard it was very good. Im planning to get a trek tattoo but I just cant decide how I want it. Im thinking I want the original ship or else the UFP symbol or the original ship and IDIC symbol

    retro rover

  2. Those possum babies! Too cute!

    I am so interested in that ESP game.

  3. The possum and babies are adorable :D

  4. Gotta get your summah gum!!


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