Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Pugs

I took these photos about two weeks ago. We bought a little baby pool to see if Phyllis and Priscilla would like it. They didn't really care about the pool, but they were cute out in the sun. Travis picked up a Phyllis sized life jacket. The pool wasn't deep, but since neither of our girls are that steady on their feet, the life jacket was nice for when they inevitably fell down.
Also it is very cute. 
We gave them baths while they were in there as well. It was nice to do it outside on a beautiful day.
Steamy girl sun bathing. 
Oh my little girl, I miss you so much. It has been almost a week and I still can't sleep. I'm posting this at 5 am because I have been up all night. I'm not sure what to do about it.
Priscilla is doing ok. We have been keeping her in bed with us, and during the day she wants to be as close to me as she can. We have applied with a couple pug rescues and are hoping to have a companion for her soon. I hope that might help me sleep, but I don't know. I still feel really sad, and I think I'm afraid to sleep, because I'm afraid something will happen to Priscilla. It is irrational, I know.
I have a new waterproof camera that makes gifs. Here is one of the girls enjoying the pool. The perfect pair.


  1. You are in mourning. Like anyone in mourning for human or furry family members maybe it is time to use either a natural or prescribed sleeping remedy to get you back on track. Hugs.

  2. Don't apologize for any sort of "irrational" fears. There is nothing irrational when you're grieving. These photos and videos were precious. I hope someday it won't hurt as badly to look at them and that the good times will outweigh the sadness. I know it will, but feel free to take as much time as you need to mourn.

  3. I can't even imagine ...
    Try to remember the good times!

    Love, Ellen

  4. The pictures are lovely. I totally understand your fear I felt the same way about Tubby after Norbert passed though it was after a diagnosis of cancer and at the vet and then Tubby did get sick and pass too so that made it harder. I'm not saying it gets easier but time does help and I do find that another companion helps as well. Of course nothing can ever replace a lost dog love one but dog love is not limited it grows and multiplies with each new dog


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