Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Playing with the 20D

I'm picking up my new camera today! i am so excited!! it just happens to be the same kind of camera like the one i have been borrowing from my bosses for about a week. but with "a bunch of lenses". right now i've just been playing with a wide angle one. so here are some of the pictures i've taken so far. i've just had it on auto so far.

my lunch last week. while travis was getting his tattoo worked on i was supposed to be going to subway. but i decided to stop at this cupcake cafe. it was really yummy. even though i felt really dorky sitting outside on the street all alone.

crystal's puppy is already past her cute sleepy puppy phase. haha. now she tries to chomp your neck whenever you pick her up. with those razor sharp little baby teeth! but she is still cuuuuuuute.

we went to trivia at the flying saucer after visiting the puppy. we still go most weeks. i just never post about it anymore because it's pretty much the same thing every week. i was so impressed how pictures with flash look though! so much better!

our house looks so good with everything growing around it. thankfully we don't have to mow the grass.

my beloved. murray hewitt hartsock. he is the biggest mama's boy cat there is. little darling. his first birthday is coming up! lil bebe.

look at that impressive fungus! that tree fell just a week or two ago. travis has to finish cutting it up and haul it away soon. supposedly tomorrow he is going to clean out the flower beds.

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  1. Murray is so cute!
    Your lunch in that photo at the top looks so good.
    I love pickles!
    +++Your manor is kick ass!


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