Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dog park date

Monday afternoon we had a dog party! i had to borrow my parents dog (who should be mine! but they won't let me have her!) so here is a post with way too many pictures. but they are mostly cute. it was such a good day. pretty much perfect.

I was at my parent's house doing laundry when crystal told me that she and marissa were going to take scurvy and jake to the dog park downtown. i was thinking "dang i wish i had a dog to take" when i remembered Meg! Our family dog. So I took her and left a note for my mom, so she wouldn't worry.

I met crystal at her house. I hadn't seen baby scurvy in over a week and she has grown so freaking much! so sad that she won't be a tiny baby for longer. but she seems to be over biting your neck as hard as she can when you pick her up phase. perf.
we finally got to the dark park by centennial park. it was so big and nice! and there were lots of dogs there even though it wasn't lunchtime or after work.

that is marissa's old man dog jake. he is so cute. his legs are super long and he looks funny when he's running.

dogs!! i know it probably seems like im a cat person. and i love cats. but deep down inside i'm a dog person. we just can't have one right now. it's very sad.

we tried really hard for a family portrait! zeus really wanted to be in it. haha. in half of them he is standing in front of us. he even tried to leave with us later. little baby.

we left the park for a little while to eat lunch. marissa brought us pb&j. yum! the day was so nice all we wanted to do was lay around in the sun.

meg wasn't enjoying herself as much as i had hoped she would. she doesn't go out much, really just to the vet or to get boarded. so she was nervous and preferred to stay next to me. i think she's always afraid i'm going to leave her there. but by the end she was venturing away a little bit.

i never looked at the time but i bet we were there over three hours. so fun. we'll have to go a lot this summer. then we decided to get dinner. somewhere that we could take the dogs. there are quite a few places like that in east nashville apparently.

we ended up at Battered and Fried. they brought out water for the puppies. cute.

my dinner. fish and chips. i love that greasy fry bag. yum. the fish was really tasty. i forget what kind i was. maybe cod?

their dinner. everyone else split this. i don't really care for sushi. but all this looked pretty good. i ALMOST wished i had tried some. i dunno.

i love sitting outside. after the long humid tennessee summer i'm always really ready for the cold weather. it's like every year i forget how nice it is here in may/early june. so perfect. hopefully it will be nice for the party on saturday.

we went and got some ice cream at a place near crystal and marc's house. they had a really nice little courtyard in the back. i got mint chocolate chip and cake batter. it was really tastey.

back to the house. they watched The Adventures of Pricilla: Queen of the Desert and I was really tempted to stay but i had to get meg home. She passed out as soon as she ate her dinner. i ended up spending the night at my parents house because was so tired from being outside all day. i slept so well.

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