Sunday, July 12, 2009

here are some pictures from the fourth of july. this is the most low key independence day we've had in a long long time. but it was still fun.

i went over to crystal's house early so we could fill out the bff book she got me for my birthday. it was really fun, even if we were totally awkward about the part where we had to right ten reasons we love each other. hahah. so fun. (if you are wondering about the dead squirrel i drew with her husband: once the boys went on a camping trip and marc didn't' take any food because he was planning on trapping squirrels, and i STILL laugh about it)

scurvy lost some of her baby teeth and the front two have grown in! so it looks like she has cute little buck teeth. i don't know if you can tell. it took us forever to get a picture of them.

the weather was really terrible. the original plan had been to ride our bikes downtown to see the big fireworks display on the river front. (nashville's fireworks are in the top ten in the nation). crystal and marc still decided to ride their bikes, but marissa, cara, travis and i drove to a park in east nashville to watch. the sky was looking so ominous.

i think they were scared about the big storm coming and ruining all the fireworks so they started shooting them off about 45 minutes too early.

after about ten minutes it started to really rain so we ran back to the car. within a few minutes it was POURING.

the storm was so bad we sat under the pharmacy drive through until it got better. crystal and marc were stuck biking it in. her mickey mouse hat got washed into the river. poor thing.

we went to waffle house to kill time until crystal and marc got back and let us in the house. it's weird i hadn't been there in months, then we went three times within two weeks. yum. i love eggs. i could eat them every day.

so that was my fourth of july. eh.

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