Monday, July 13, 2009

Some pictures from last week

murray! he wants some attention. i think after this he settled down in my lap and kept reaching up to touch my face with his paw. he loves doing that.

murray in the curtains. after this i decided i wasn't going to do day in the life for a while, but then i changed my mind again.

we drove to rippavilla to do some letter boxing. it's an antebellum home near our house. we had to drive way to the back of the property to find the box.

it was pretty fun, a puzzle box that didn't get you explicit instructions. it was really beautiful back by the old cemetery too. i wish i had taken pictures of the rolling fields around us. we went up the main house and looked around the gift shop and inquired about tours. it's eight dollars, which isn't bad. but i got the feeling that it would just be me and travis and the guide. awkward.

we tried another puzzle box, a series actually, but we couldn't find the start. we walked around in the park forever and then gave up. it was really frustrating.

we headed up to nashville looking for some more boxes.

we were cracking up at how rough the trail was. we kept having to crawl under brush and jump over fallen trees. we were looking for three different boxes and it was really confusing trying to read all the directions at once so we didn't pass anything.

up the hill by the lake by accident. we missed a turn.

finally! a box! and it is zoo themed. cute.

that looks familiar right? well we went up the hill AGAIN. for no reason, AGAIN. hahaha. it was a beautiful day though. if it had been hot i probably would have been much crankier.

the tennessee state wild flower. so strange looking.

the last box ended up being right at the head of the trail! ah! of course!

so we found three at the park. there was one more on the frisbee golf course, but travis didn't want to look for it because he needed a bathroom break. haha.

we were near my bff crystal's house so we went over there. the idea was to go to dinner with them at battered and fried.

travis wanted to watch scary movie 2 for some reason. which is surprising. usually when we go over there he wants to watch soul plane.

time for scurvy's walk! i can't believe how huge she is! she is changing colors too. getting more brown, and developing grey spots.

after this we go to pick up crystal's husband marc. he is helping a co worker move. when we get there travis goes in to help him and crystal and i sit in the car and listen to good charlotte and laugh. but after a while we have to go help too. i was going to take pictures but the old guy who was moving was there and i felt really awkward. we moved so many boxes! ugh i hate moving so much.

after the manual labor we went to waffle house since battered and fried was closed. marc bought us dinner for helping! so nice.

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