Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wizard Feast!

so tuesday night was the day we'd been waiting for SO long. wizard feast! half blood prince premiere! the night went pretty much exactly like i always wanted. except we didn't get a good, natural light photo shoot. dang.

here is our wizard feast! some close ups:

dana made these cookies! spell books and hogwarts and little gryffindors. so sweet. i made tooooo many wands. no one ate them. then they melted in my car. wah.

my crystal ball cheese ball and celestial crackers. they were a hit. the cheese ball was so good. i had never tried it when my grandmother mad it at family events and man, was i missing out!

felix felicis punch!! it was yummy. it was so annoying that they didn't make the potion gold in the movie! it was just clear!

pizza! not harry potter themed but we need some "real food." thomas made these and they were so good. i love bell peppers on pizza. it's dana's recipe that she taught us last summer. brittany made chex mix for us to take to the movie. so cute.

here are some of the costumes! i never got a good picture of mine. dang.

thomas IS harry potter

so we had dobby (props to dana for the mask. i made the outfit), pigwidgeon, harry, luna, angelina, winky, cedric, anonymous ravenclaw, and me, ron weasley.

we played harry potter scene it! dana and i were on the same team which really wasn't fair. haha. we won! but thomas' team was definitely the funniest.

oh my dear friends. so the wizard feast was a success i think! we got to the theatre around 10:15. they had the movie in 15 theaters and it was all sold out! thankfully we had all bought tickets before.

there were lots of people dressed up. there was a group near us that included the fat lady, flueur, mad eye, harry, and trelawny, and they were giving us weird looks! haha.

so here we are after the movie. this is the "reaction shot." i'm going to see it again tonight, so i will let you know my opinion after that. because i know you are on the edge of your seat wondering. hahaha. but let it be known that i freaking loved every part with ron/the trio. so good.

here we are waiting for traffic to thin out in the parking lot. dana spent the night with us and we talked about the movie for, i think hours! it was so fun. we both decided that we liked it, were disappointed, and needed to see it again to form a good opinion.

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