Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i made this cake. it didn't turn out as cute as i envisioned. and then no one ate it! so now i have this giant cake sitting around tempting me.

look at how big scurvy is now! what a sweet baby. i was trying to take a picture of her barking, but she jumps when she does it. so cute.

working on caramel apples. these turned out so adorable, but then no one ate them. as usual we over prepared. haha.

i drew it. he carved it.

thomas' idea was failed from the beginning. obviously not going to hold up. ..

hahahaha. total fail!

did i mention kyle is back from his internship in new york city? I am so glad! he was a time traveler? marissa was batgirl. so cute. brittany came as sweeney todd. definitely the best costume. 
for some reason thomas has wanted to be a "fat cat" for the last few years. this year his wish finally came true. i went to dillards with him to find a "flashy classy" tie/pocket square combo. hahah. he wanted shiney paisley. 
here are some of the other costumes.

marc was george washington. perfect.
i was a fox. it wasn't as cute as i had hoped. i dyed a sweater and leggings and a tail i made of felt, and made the ears. but no one could tell what i was. wah. also, i can't seem to make a normal face. 

we walked to the piggly wiggly to pick up sauerkraut. which smells terrible by the way. 
crystal was "our kitty of gaudalupe" hahah. whatever that is.
dana was a panda bear! cute.
when we got back to the house jeremy was there. his friend bought this mask for him and it was hilariously too small. we couldn't stop laughing at it! why do they make a kids mask of that???
next it was time for donut tree! i saw it in some magazine and for some reason i HAD to try it! so you hang up donuts and then eat them as fast as you can without using your hands. so fun!!! i was surprisingly good at it. but austin won. his fell on the floor but he bent down and ate it anyway!!
but as you can see i'm a good loser. haha. austin won a portrait of crystal.
for dinner we roasted hot dogs on the fire outside, had corn with black eyed pea eyes, and sweet potatoes. so delicious. and dana brought vegi mummy dogs. brittany made home made caramel corn! it was so good!

i tried to get a dance party going by putting in my personal michael jackson mix. dana got down with me, put everyone else pretty much moved into the room and then just watched. haha. i don't know why, it's not like i'm a good dancer and am intimidating. then thriller came on...
jennifer tried to teach us the dance. i like how this picture makes it look like we all know it.

then we left to go to nettie's party.

our hosts. marge and fat homer simpson. so perfect.
ryan was aldo from inglorious basterds. kevin was max. i wish i had gotten a full picture.
bethany came as elaine from sienfeld. haha. her husband john was kramer, but i never got a picture. his outfit was perfect!
i drove us back to crystal's and we watched casper, and then when to bed. travis and i slept in the twin bunk bed. soooo uncomfortable! 

in the morning we went to the biscuit house, of course. what a good halloween.

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