Friday, October 30, 2009

Home inspection day...

this morning was pretty nice outside, now it's just gross and raining.

i bought muffin tops to eat on our way to our home inspection. i'm obsessed with those. so buttery and soft and awesome.

so i was to shy to take photos of our house. hahah. we were there for 2 hours and i didn't get my camera out once. but the inspection when really really well. basically, the family who owned the house before us took really great care of it. there is shag carpet in the closets! hahaha. even though the rest of those is hardwood. except the kitchen which is crazy linoleum that i can't wait to show you. i love it.

so now we have the inspection, and estimates from the contractor, so that has to get approved by the bank, then they are sending an appraiser, and blah blah we are hoping to close before thanksgiving. ugh why does it take so long?

we went to a mexican restaurant near our new house that some coworkers recommended, and it was amazing! not only do they bring you salsa and chips when you sit down, you get a free bowl of cheese dip too! perfect!

then we went and saw This Is It. I wanted to see gentlemen broncos, but it's not opening here for at LEAST three weeks which is stupid. i bet it won't even come to nashville. frustrating. but i really loved This Is It! If you are into micheal jackson you should really go see it. If not, then duh, don't go.

then we went to some of our favorite antique stores to look for stuff for our new house. look at this table! we are talking about selling our dinette set (it only seats four) and getting this one. oh man i want it.

it didn't look like mosquitos in person. it reminded me of atoms. actually that whole booth was cute. travis claims it has always been there, but i don't remember at all.

i want that cabinet so bad! i mean it. i'm probably going to buy it.

i was drawn to this cute little robot to add to my collection, but it's almost 1000 dollars!!!

i want a cuckoo clock. they are so expensive. this one has a deer on top. so cute
it was kind of a disappointing antiquing day actually. i barely found anything i actually wanted. and two of those things i found at a thrift store. at least it was super cheap

cute duck recipe card holder. i've been wanting one of these! it was only 50 cents!

i've been wanting some of these signs too! there are trivets. but i'm going to hang them on the wall. so cute.

these are from the thrift store too. i'm envisioning them on a book shelf with kids books in between. so cute. especially the tiny birds.

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