Friday, October 15, 2010

Nashville Zombie Walk 2010

it's that time of the year again! the nashville zombie walk!

oh rose!

what a precious little thing.
throw everything we'll need into my makeup box. of course i forget my new perfect red lipstick i bought especially for my costume.

brittany arrives and we're on our way!

hey crit.

before pic! too bad i forgot to do an after.

this stuff takes forever to put on!

maybe this is the time for an explanation. i am not dressed as elphaba, or the wicked witch, or something from avatar. we were basing our zombie look on miss argentina from beetlejuice.

jamison ended up being a kind of frankenstien/zombie/vampire hybrid. he wanted to bring his fake gun too but we told him that was too much!

woah, that red nail polish looks so good with a green hand!

i love my new cape. i wish i could wear it as my winter coat.

we finally arrive at the starting point:

our friend ryan shows up with his cute eye wounds.

time for the walk to start!

that guy was so creepy! he stayed in character the whole time.

about 2 hours later the walk is over. it was a food drive too, and it turns out the zombies brought over 2000 pounds of food! awesome!

we wanted to go somewhere that had a patio to sit on since it was such a nice day.

we got lots of strange looks at the restaurant. but our waitress pointedly ignored our bloody faces.

mmmm brains! i mean, pasta primavera!

i had fish and chips. it was delicious.

we sat out on the patio until it got dark. we didn't want the day to end.

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