Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thrift Share!

It's that time of the week again for thrift share! i didn't much this week. i stopped by one of my favorite stores just once, went to one antique store, and two estates sales (that were a bust). here i what i picked up.

some vintage craft books. here are some of the projects:


mr. brown bangs. made out of a bleach bottle.

a lovely wedding bleach bottle centerpiece!

cute birthday decorations made out of old magazines.

two squirrels. the one on the left is a bank and has a clumpy furry tail

a child craft book. i love the cover of this edition! i'll have to look for more of the set!

some snow globes. i don't know if they are actually vintage but i love the style. there was a box FULL of snow globes at this thrift store. i pulled out the cutest ones. it kind of made me sad to see the discarded collection.

i'm linking up with her library adventures as usual.


  1. Wow, you found some fabulous things, I wonder who collected the snow globes

  2. the books are so lovely, I remember playing with these snow globes when I was younger, the squirrels are super cute!


  3. Lovely finds! That children's book cover design is amazing!

  4. I recognize that little brown squirrel. I have a set of 4 and I love them! There's a momma, papa and two babies. Great finds!

  5. Cute, cute squirrels!

  6. the child craft book ànd the snow globes... mhmmmmm! n♥

  7. I got a bit addicted to making sock monkeys recently, and still have a half made sock zebra looking at me reproachfully when I go in my bedroom...great magazines you found!


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