Monday, June 20, 2011

Junior Deluxe Editions

we're back from our trip! it was really great. we squeezed a TON of stuff into the three days so as usual i am exhausted. one of these days i'll plan a trip where i just relax.

so anyway, while i go through the thousand photos i took, here is a collection i've been working on this year. junior deluxe editions!

i've found most of these at the goodwill outlet. they cost about 25 cents. They are from the 1950's and i love them.

they aren't worth very much. they usually sell for 5 or 6 dollars each but that isn't why i like them. i love the covers and the end papers and they are always beautifully illustrated. after i took these pictures i realized i have one more that i've had on my bookshelf for a long time. there are over 90 titles and i would love to find them all! they look really great on a bookshelf. i really want to find the alice in wonderland titles.

we've got a great collection of vintage children's books that I can't wait to display in our guest room if we ever get around to setting it up. or if we have a kid some day they will be pretty lukcy! at least, if they like vintage.


  1. Lovely collection! I love the way you photo'd them in the first photo. Bonza. they must smell great!

  2. oh the colours are gorgeous and so so cheap.

  3. i love thw junior deluxe collection. i have all of the alcott's <3333

  4. I have an original collection of these that my mother gave me for birthdays and Christmas whilst I was growing up in Washing in the 1950's. I kept the for my children and they will now go to my grandson. It is wonderful to see that people still love them! Great photo...... Katie


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