Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AKC Museum of the Dog!

Oh man! I never posted the last awesome place we went on our St. Louis trip!

somehow i didn't know this place was in town the first two times we came. it is mostly a dog themed art museum. my senior project in high school was about the history of the dog in art, and i did an 8 painting series. so i was SO excited to go here! i took a TON of pictures but i'm only going to show you a few.

pug band!

i would LOVE to have something this on my wall. (dork!)

i was so happy!
there was a cavalier meetup going on. you can take your dog in the museum! of course.

did you know spiked collars came from dogs that would be guarding live stock in the mountains? so that mountain lions couldn't bite their neck?

so pretty and dreamy.

the room with the service dogs was one of my favorite parts! this is smokey, a yorkie who was the mascot of a battalion during WWII! so cute. here is a picture of her parachuting!

i also loved this case of dog ids. haha, so cute. i need to make some for phyllis and priscilla. they had some hilarious pictures of dogs with the drugs and stuff they sniffed out. they were funny because the dogs mouths were always open and it looked like they were so stoked about finding 100 pounds of cocaine!
so i loved the AKC museum. obviously. on our way out, there was a pug in the lobby! his owner had to run some errands so she dropped him off for a while so he wouldn't be hot in the car. he was a show put and had been at a show that morning. he was so handsome! i wish i had taken a picture. after that we hit the road and came home to nashville.


  1. How cool! I had no idea there was an AKC Museum!!
    - Mandi

  2. you always find the best places!


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