Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vintage love

We're in Louisville tonight. We actually found some great vintage stuff that i can't wait to photograph when we get home! and i'm regretting not buying a pee wee's big adventure silk screen poster.
but that isn't really what this post is about. this is another batch of goodies i found at that great estate sale that was just a few blocks from my house!

i'm still obsessed with measuring cups. i got that little frog to put my kitchen sponge in, but when i washed it one of the eyes fell out. wah. that little snoopy trophy is so cute. it says "dearest secretary" i tried to find out something about it online but all i could find was ugly snoopy trophies from the 80's.

they had tons of cute avon bottles in the boxes (a buck a piece) and it made me wish i had a fancy girly vanity to put some on. i just got the cute owl. the german shepherd is aftershave is still good and travis is going to use it. haha. it looks so manly on the counter.

i am REALLY excited about that table cloth. it fits my kitchen table perfectly and it was only 3 dollars because it had a tiny hole in an inconspicuous place. yes!

some little christmas bits. i'm going to probably have to go through my vintage christmas carefully and get rid of stuff because i have SO MUCH.

i love the little snowman face.

some paper ephemera.

i agonized over what i could possibly do with these little things but at a dollar for all 4 i couldn't pass them up.

and last but not least, a big spirograph set that travis got at the goodwill outlet. it's really fun to play with!


  1. there is a lovely kind of comforting sustenance to what you assemble. i love coming having a peek at your finds... ! spirograph! mhm!

  2. Love the owl! Those christmas ornaments remind me of me of the tree my grandparents used to put up when I was a kid <3

    E :)

  3. oh my a spirograph. what fun. i always wanted one of these.

  4. You got a Spirograph set!!! Im so jealous. I remember playing with it when I was little...
    I've been wanting to get one for a year now. Lucky!!

  5. I love the Vintage Christmas items, especially the little wreath with the snowman head!

  6. Love your great finds (as usual, LOL!!)

    Also, hope you loved your weekend in Louisville (great city-I live there!! :)

  7. That spirograph set is bringing back memories!

  8. I make vintage ornament wreaths with all the vintage Christmas bits I pick up throughout the year. Just an idea! Or you could just send them to me...
    That tablecloth is lovely, btw!

  9. your hauls make cry! why is everything so good?!?!?!?!

  10. I loved my Spirograph when I was little...
    love the little flamingo thermometer too

  11. Brings back things from my childhood ... My grandmother collected Avon bottles - she had a bunch of them. My mother had one of those frogs for the sponge. And I had a spirograph ... loved that thing!

  12. Spirograph!!! That is awesome!! The ephemera is cute, too!!

  13. where is the goodwill outlet?

  14. those bottles are so awesome! spirograph is wicked fun.



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