Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Weekend Trip to Louisville: Part One

This past weekend we went up to Louisville, Kentucky to stay with Travis' brother Jordan and his wife Laura. Phyllis and Priscilla came with us (since phyllis is still contagious) It is so hard for me to not take a hundred pictures of them in the back seat! They are so cute!

phyllis was cracking me up! there were two beds and a pillow around her and she was clinging to the edge of the bare seat. what a weirdo. i snapped her back into her makeshift seat belt shortly after. (carabiner through their harness attached to the seat belt. works like a charm!)

best friends.

soon after we arrived jordan and laura took us to two great little antique shops! one was called the woodstock shop, the other was junk in the trunk. they were both stocked full of cute vintage stuff, and it was all really reasonably priced. it was hard not to come away with a box full of stuff. i'll show you what i got later. here is some stuff i didn't get...

there were probably 10 cute lamps in this shop! mostly kitsch and silly.

cute old owl.

the little rabbit in this nativity made me laugh. so random.

more to come! it's hard to believe how many pictures i can take during a two day trip.


  1. Cute pics can't wait to see what you got!

    E :)

  2. those look like the best vintage shops ever! i'm jelly.


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