Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Weekend Trip to Louisville: Part Two

After a little shopping we went back to their apartment to wait for travis' parents. Their backyard was ALMOST fenced in which was nice. sometimes phyllis would make a break for the alley but she doesn't move very fast so we could easily stop her.

then we went to dinner at a nice little mediterranean place before we went to a movie. we saved our pita to eat at the theater, but forgot about it. travis found it today in his bag, rock hard. haha.

we went to see a movie at the louisville palace! it was so beautiful!

i stole this picture from their website because i couldn't get a non-blurry one. it really felt like you were outside. It opened in 1928 and apparently has a "spanish baroque" theme. it only plays movies during the summer which is a shame. this summer was a jimmy stewart series. we saw the movie Rope. it was really great and suspenseful! i wish we could have gone back for It's a Wonderful Life the next night.

crazy ceiling with famous faces in it. so creepy.

i definitely want to go back again next summer. i hope they do musicals!


  1. Wow! That place is like a dream! And to hear that they're showing Jimmy Stewart (my boyfriend) movies right now.....sigh. Rope is such a great movie. I'm happy that you got to see it there!

  2. that is the coolest movie theater i have ever seen :-)


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