Monday, July 11, 2011

Lazy Day

it has been a lazy kind of day around my house today. i worked an 11 hour shift at work yesterday (4 pm to 3 am), which has totally messed up my sense of time. so today i have been slowly cleaning my house and watching harry potter movies. my own personal marathon to get ready for thursday. i can't believe the last movie will be out in less than a week! then what will i have to look forward to?! oh wait, i'm going to the wizarding world in the fall so there is always that.

can't resist taking a picture of priscilla when i'm folding laundry. look at that sweet face! and look at phyllis' cute tongue in the background!


  1. i clean on commercials. i'm the most lazy housekeeper, haha. you're going to harrypotterland (that's what we call it in my house)?! i'm so jealous!!!

  2. your pugs are divine! love the bed florals and owl filled teaparty above.


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