Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new patisserie in town

i really wish i had a green thumb. i always have great ideas for how beautiful my yard can look, but never seem to follow through or making the right choices. i was determined to have a big patch of zenias for cutting this year. but the place i chose was really close to our fence and the shrubs grew up and covered my little zenia patch. but one flower bloomed! i was overly excited about it. and i left it outside for a long time before clipping it and bringing it inside.

maybe i'll have better luck next year.

on another note, last week i went to a new restaurant in downtown franklin called marcia's patisserie with my friend brittany. i have never been so irritated that i didn't have my camera! it was very cute and the dessert case was AMAZING. the girls working there had really adorable uniforms too. i will be back soon. i had a caprice pizza for lunch (that was delicious) and we spent most of our lunch time talking about what desserts we would get. and gossiping of course. that is what ladies do when they go out to lunch at a cute cafe.
when i got home of course i took pictures.

i brought travis a banana split cupcake, a lemon one for myself, plus a lime macaroon and an almond eiffle tower cookie.

i had never had a macaroon! it was so good! someone i didn't relize it was crunchy like meringue. what a pleasant surprise! and the lime flavor was great.

i went into the other room during my photoshoot and when i came back SOMEONE had taken a little nibble of my cupcake! and i'm pretty sure i know who it was.

i see you back there scampi!

phyllis wanted to be sure i knew it wasn't her.


  1. I wish we had a cafe like that in my town!
    I haven't made lime macarons yet, but it's my fave flavour milkshake so I bet I love em too x

  2. Yum I love bakeries and cute cafes, your treats look wonderful.

    The kitty bud vase is too adorable; sadly I'm the same way with flowers/plants... pretty bad as my father is actually a botanist!

  3. gardening isn't something you can do passively. you have to be out there in the dirt all the time to achieve the yard of your dreams. if the bushes grew in, you've got to cut them back to let your flowers grow. take note this summer where things grow and fill in so you won't have to worry about it next year. maybe start small with some pots?


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