Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Use for a coffee pot

I picked up a cute little vintage coffee pot at the goodwill outlet a while ago, even though i don't drink coffee and i wasn't sure what i would do with it. then the other night my sweet husband brought me flowers (for no reason at all) and it worked perfectly as a vase!

how cute is that? sadly i have to keep my flowers up high because we have a certain cat who will destroy any foliage that she can reach.

things are pretty quiet over here this week. i made myself sick from deep cleaning my house (i'm really sensitive to dust and animal hair) so i spend my entire afternoon yesterday bundled up on the couch with the pugs watching cycle 15 of america's next top model. now i'm off to work. we've got 3 more days until our trip to memphis for elvis week! i can't wait to sink my teeth into a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich!


  1. The pot is great, but I'm in love with those little white ducks!!!
    Can you tell something abiut them?
    Hugs from Italy,

  2. What a clever use for a Pyrex coffee pot, I'm a coffee drinker but use a contemporary maker. Since I have several Pyrex coffee pots I use them as chic watering cans for my kitchen plants. :)

  3. memphis is the best place. my cousin used to live in murfreesboro, and we visitied once. i really loved it :-) have fun!


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