Thursday, September 15, 2011

feeling less like summer

today the weather was so perfect. the high was 69. it was perfect pug weather. i took phyllis and priscilla on a walk down our road and a nice lady pulled over to talk to me about them. she said she had a pug at home. then she asked me how i could tell mine apart. which is pretty silly. firstly, one only has 3 legs. second, one is half as big as the other. and third, they really look nothing alike. we walked down past the middle school and back and they didn't pant at all! so nice, i wish it was always this temperature.
i felt like it was shame to go inside once we got home so i brought out a quilt and read. our yard is fenced but i don't ever leave them back there alone. maybe i'm paranoid but better safe than sorry.
bug spray for me and home made bug spray for the dogs. it is just geranium oil in water. it works great! i didn't see a single mosquito near them. and it makes them smell good.
i'm reading the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fford. if you are a book nerd you will love these books. The first one on the front had a blurb that said something like "A mixture of buffy the vampire slayer, dr. who, and harry potter." Awesome right? and i had to include a picture of my dog walk clutch, which is the first thing i ever bought online, over 6 years ago! it is the perfect size for my keys and a little poop bag. i want to make one with a pug on it.
phyllis and priscilla were cracking me up sitting back to back, on alert. Whenever they would hear someone talk nearby Phyllis would take off and bark like crazy, and Priscilla would stay and guard me. that banged up pipe is the air supply for our tornado shelter. yeah, like the one in the wizard of oz! it makes a little hill that sticks up in the middle of the yard, it is perfect to lay back on and read.
i laid on my stomach to read and priscilla couldn't resist plopping down right in front of me. it was so sweet.
we stayed out for almost an hour, until it got dark and a little cold. now they are passed out on the couch, snuggled up against either side of me. and all three cats are in the room with me too! pretty awesome. whenever this happens i get really excited and travis rolls his eyes at me. haha.

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  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying those books! I have been reading the Series of Unfortunate Events books lately. They are easy reads.

    I laughed out loud and the lady asking you how to tell them apart! That's hilarious. People are so weird.

    I miss hanging out in the back yard with you!


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