Monday, September 12, 2011

Betty's Birthday!

this weekend we went to hayti, missouri for travis' grandmother's 80th birthday! that is a pretty amazing milestone for anyone. almost her whole family was able to attend.
here she is in one of her school pictures. i love it! you can't read the cake very well but it says 'prettiest girl", the superlative she won in the eighth grade. how cute is that?
hayti is a very small town. we walked around the square while we were waiting for her party to begin.
most of the stores were abandoned.
at first we thought this cat was stuffed.
nope! just mad!
betty's cake.
the party was at her church.
i loved watching the slide show of old family photos. this is betty and her husband bruce.
grandma betty is moving into a smaller place so we were able to look in her house for things we wanted to bring home. she has saved all kinds of amazing things! and lots of them have family history. now we have lots of things that were made by travis' grandmother, and her grandmother. the history makes the beautiful vintage things even more precious.
i can't wait to share all the amazing things we brought home!


  1. How awesome! She really was the prettiest girl and still is today. I'm so happy that she got to have such a nice day with family and also that you two got to have such a memorable and meaningful treasure hunt there. I love that attic? shot.

    And that cat - my lordy. Is he trapped in there or is that a business? You want me to start making phone calls? Because you know I will! :)

  2. p.s. Look at that amazing Barkovitz store. I want to open that back up as a doggy bakery! I can just see those gourmet dog treats displayed in that aqua window. Oh, to dream.

  3. the cat is in one of the few business that is still opened. i think he was pressed up against the window like that since it was open and he was looking out the screen.
    there were some great shop spaces in that town. i kept gushing how awesome it would be to be able to build a display in one of those windows. and a dog bakery! hahah, so perfect!


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