Wednesday, September 7, 2011

there isn't much exciting to report around here this week. it has been raining (and cold!) for the past few days, and i'm in the middle of working 8 days in a row. blech! i have been spending my afternoons snuggled up on the couch with the pugs, watching sad movies. it has been lovely. i also went to see the new miranda july movie (the future) a few days ago. i really loved it. and cried a few times. and laughed a LOT. this weekend we are going to missouri for travis' grandmother's 80th birthday. we have never driven ourselves there so i'm hoping we can make a few fun stops on the way! if you have any suggestions let me know! we are going to Hayti.
the girls have been LOVING the rain. not going out in it, you have to practically force them, but they love to be dried off! they run around like crazy and bark and chase each other. it is so cute.


  1. A road trip ... sounds like fun!!! If you are going to be on Route 24 through Illinois ... you MUST stop at Metrolpolis - the home of Superman! It's just one of those "nerdy" things everyone must do at least once! LOL!!!

  2. haha, ellen, i am queen of the nerds and have been to metropolis not once, but THREE TIMES. i love it there! the museum is actually really awesome (and this comes from someone who isn't into super heros at all!)


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