Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Caterday

the pugs get most of the photo love around here but i have cats too! scout loves to hang out in that window.

and here is mr. handsome, murray hewitt himself.

can't resist grabbing those paws. even if it just gets me clawed. with love of course.

and i saw this sign today. i really can't fathom what the last word is supposed to be. and the "correction" under it makes it even less. clear. what do you think it is supposed to say?


  1. I recon it should probably say 'SOrry for the INCONVENIENCE' but they haven't quite nailed it!!! Classic!

  2. Hi, Rae! I think I figured it out! the bottom isn't a correction at all but a finishing of the last word. That's definitely an attempt to spell inconvenience. Why they didn't marker over it is unclear but maybe they don't live by rules- spelling or marker. :)


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