Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage Photoshoot

Last week I got a really fun opportunity to pull out my vintage christmas collection to be used in a photoshoot. My friend Brett  (check out his portfolio, he is amazing) was working on a shoot for the Nov/Dec issue of American Songwriter Magazine! I interned there and the creative director Rachel knew I had lots of vintage christmas stuff so she asked me if they could use it for the shoot! I took a few pictures of my collection because i don't usually have out just the vintage (I have TONS of christmas stuff) and i loved how it looked in a big pile on the table.
i was worried that i wouldn't have enough stuff! but we ended up not needing to use it all. i don't have pictures of the shoot, i wish i had taken some pictures of the amazing house we were in. it was a midcentury dream. and the kitchen had orange counters. and turquoise walls. i was in heaven! their couch was amazing. i texted travis probably 10 pictures of it saying how much i wish it was our house. and then i got to set up my aluminum tree for the first time, and couldn't stop sending him pictures of that.
so i got to set up the props then hold a light for brett while he shot. it was so fun! and it made me wish my job was set styling. i can't wait to see the pictures! 


  1. Gorgeous - nothing like vintage decorations to get me in the Christmas spirit.

  2. That sounds cool, will you get to show us pictures when the magazine comes out? I'm a christmas nut too, I'd love to see your collection in detail!

  3. Look at all of that glorious Christmas! His photos really are amazing. Please let us see when it comes out. I'm dying to see! :)

  4. post them if you can! i want to see!

  5. You are definitely a girl after my own heart...

  6. oooooh boy this is INCREDIBLE! I am so jealous. Out of all the thrifting I've been doing for years, I've never bought myself vintage holiday decorations. I need to get on that.


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