Monday, September 26, 2011

Collection 2: Vintage Cameras

I think if you have a blog you are required to collection vintage cameras. haha. this collection is more my husband's than mine, but i love it too. you can pick up old cameras cheap at yard sales and flea markets. we keep most of these displayed on our bookshelves. i would love to try and use the 8mm video camera. We have a project too, that we got for 5 bucks at the goodwill outlet. 
the two polaroids are my favorite. the sx-70 models are so pretty.  
folded flat.
and opened. how gorgeous!  
i love little magicube cameras. i have some of the cubes too. we should get some film and try them out.  
this camera belonged to travis' grandfather.
so there you have it, another one of our many collections!


  1. Haha, its true almost everyone with a blog collects cameras. You guys have a pretty collection!

  2. Yes, vintage cameras are a popular collectible-- I resisted buying them for a while but as a professional photographer I'm drawn to the tools of my trade and have since built up a small collection. I enjoy the magicube cameras too, I can't imagine having to replace the cube every time to take a picture though.

  3. What a great collection you guys have! This really makes me want to start one. Love your blog, by the way! :)

    xo, Samantha

  4. I just sold my vintage Kodak Retina camera on ebay. It was from 1939. I never got the chance to see if it worked though. i made a nice profit :-)

  5. That is one thing I have never collected! Do they all work?

    Your Christmas collection is brilliant!

  6. I collect vintage cameras too! I love the blog world, because none of my real-life friends understand why I feel the need to have so many cameras...but all my blog-friends think it's awesome! :) Yay for collections!!

    Carrie Rosalind
    Rosalind Revival


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