Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nashville Flea Market

Today I went to the Nashville Flea Market, even though I couldn't find anyone to go with. I love going in the fall when the weather is so nice.

I started in the back barn this time, it is my favorite. If you are going to the Nashville Flea Market and looking for vintage the back is the best. The buildings are mostly full of deodorant, socks, and posters of Eminem. I set myself a small budget this time (only 20 bucks) which I think made me more picky. I didn't want to spend it all on one thing and then come across something awesome.
there is a lady in the back barn with the best pyrex.
kitty pictures i wanted, but i couldn't find the booth owner.
lots of vendors had their halloween stuff out but it was all so expensive. i found this great tin bucket that i thought was 20 bucks but it was actually 200. uggh. it was 6 inches tall!
these kitty lights were fun, and weird, they were about 10 inches tall. i wonder what they were for. they weren't really in a holiday color.
another lady had a TON of hoppalong cassidy and western stuff but she wanted a lot for it. so i only ended up getting a few things:

funny little elephant. a buck! the vendor also had some 8mm laurel and hardy reels i wanted to ask about (we bought a projector recently), be he is kind of mean and yells at you if you don't want to pay what he asks.

little kitty salt and pepper shakers wearing feather headdresses. 1 dollar! the lady who sold them to me then trapped me while she talked, in detail, about her 8 cats. it was kind of fun though.
mostly i bought vintage pictures. these were for my dog collection the one on top is labled "our son." haha. there was another from the same family that had a little old lady between two guys and the lable was "a diamond in the rough." so cute.
i liked this one because a lady is playing santa. it made me think of the episode of the office where phyllis wants to be santa. haha, love that one.
and i liked this one because it reminded me of burgess falls, was a nice photo, and i like the tiny little boy scouts? at the bottom. so that is my tiny flea market haul. i hardly spent 10 dollars. but i had a great time walking around dreaming about buying a 250 dollar vintage bird bath.


  1. wow!!!! i think i need to move to Nashville.

  2. Wowee, you did good for ten bucks! I love that Santa lady picture that you got.

    I always get so frustrated at how expensive the Halloween stuff is. Those cat party lights - eee...I'm dying. I got outbid on some of those babies on eBay recently. There are owl ones and cat ones that people seem to really want. That Pyrex lady - love her stuff. We got my Mom a piece of Christmas Pyrex that I'd never seen before last year. I SO wanted to keep that baby for myself. There is just something about the flea market in the Fall that I love. Next month is "the big one" where the most vendors (and customers) come because it kicks off the Christmas season. Eh, I ramble...but great scores!

  3. Definitely will be checking out the flea market when I spend a week in Nashville next month! Love the kitty S & P shakers (and those kitty pictures were wonderful-as an aside I had the exact same problem at a thrift in Indiana recently. I found an ET nightlight for $3, but I couldn't find the booth owner). The photos are great too.

  4. WHA! Dog, I'm sorry I couldn't go. My message to you was trying to say the following: The reason I wasn't sure if I was going in the first place was because I hadn't heard back from Heather. She finally told me that we were getting together for lunch on Sat, so I couldn't go with you. :(
    - TD (AKA "Anonymous" LOLOL)

  5. Isn't that old Halloween stuff crazy awesome? I'm going to a big antique fair this week and plan to get something, even though I know it will be ridiculously expensive...

  6. Oooh I LOVE the photographs with the writing. The "our son" pic is darling :) and that elephant toy is so cute!

  7. i love the dot pyrex was that pricy?

  8. Now adding Nashville to the list of must-visit cities. Love the Dots Pyrex, too! ~ Jenny

  9. How much did you pay for the dots Pyrex....Inquisative Pyrex collectors must know!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  10. The little kitty salt and pepper shakers are too cute. Love the vintage photos. What kinds of things do you do with them? I need some ideas for the boxes of family photos I have. I swear my grandparents must have worn out several Brownie cameras. LOL!

  11. oh the dotty pyrex bowls are great.

  12. I know this is an old post but I am just reading through your blog. That strand of kitty lights was used to decorate vintage campers in the 50s-70s. They wrapped aroung the awnings and gave the campground a festive feel. I only know this because of my rather large collection of them :)

    1. that is so awesome! that makes me like them even more! we're on the lookout for a camper, and i NEED a set of these for it!


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