Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eating Out Vegetarian: Woodlands

woodlands is a vegetarian indian restaurant in nashville. we've been talking about going forever, but we always seem to think of it when they are closed (they close between lunch and dinner). then i went for a dinner training for my job and now i am hooked!! it feels like a novelty to go to a restaurant and not have to search the menu for things i CAN eat, but actually be able to read the whole menu and pick whatever i want! even though so far i always get the same thing because i love it so much.

the cheese masala dosa. dosa's are their specialty. they are a rice and lentil crepe. and there are HUGE! look at that thing! the one i get is filled with spiced potatoes. and they are crispy and amazing. especially dipped in the green coconut sauce (i forget what it is called)

travis got the woodland's special dosa. something about onions and potatoes and peas. we also get gulab jamun, which are little deep fried balls of dough. mmm they are good.
they have a buffet at lunch, which we are going to try and go to next week. then maybe i'll find something that will tempt me away from the masala dosa.
so go check out woodlands if you are in town! it was voted something like "best vegetarian restaurant to trick your meat eating friends" because the food is SO GOOD you don't even think about the lack of meat. and their chai tea is amazing! and the naan! i could go on forever. if only it wasn't so dark inside so i could get descent pictures.


  1. Hi Rae, I don't know you personally but I just found your blog a few days ago. It's nice to discover that there are other people in Nashville that love thrifting!

  2. Woodlands is our all time fave with Swaghura downtown at NFM in second...glad it's finding more fans!


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