Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boiler Room Date

A little while ago Travis and I went on a double date with our good friends. We started off as we often do by browsing at one of our favorite antique malls:

This mall is in Franklin TN. there are some really good vintage dealers. and some really terrible ones.  
there is one case completely full of cat and dog stuff!  
we didn't get anything, just browsed. i've gotten a lot pickier, thankfully. since my house is pretty much already full.  
we went to dinner in historic downtown franklin. it is so cute in the fall. and all other times really.  
we went to McCreary's Irish Pub as usual. i love it so much i never want to try one of the other restaurants.  
i started bringing a little notebook around with me to jot down blog/fun ideas. it has been really awesome so far. and check out the cute sticker i won in a giveaway over at angel's art blog! i have been having really good giveaway luck lately! speakin of that...
i convinced my friend crystal to give away something for the paper sparrow tim burton blog party. then hilariously i won the giveaway! she brought the wallet i won from her shop that night and included a note that said something like "i can't believe you tricked me into making you a free wallet.' hahaha.
after dinner we headed over to the boiler room to see a play! it is a theater that is in the actual boiler room of an old stove factory that has been converted into shops and living/event space.  
we saw The Rocky Horror Show! it was really good. it was a little different from the movie and the theater was tiny and we laughed pretty much the whole time. it was great. i want to try and see more plays there. on tuesday nights it is buy one get one free tickets so it is really affordable. it was a perfect date.


  1. I love your photo stories!

    Last weekend, the hubby and I tried McCreary's and loved it. We stayed full for two days it seemed and the music was so wonderful!

    Thank you so much for suggesting Pre to Post Modern. The owners were lovely and they suggested a place in Louisville that I am now passing on to you (in the event you don't already know about it): Tickled Pink by the Derby. They are open to the public, but the prices are all dealer prices (i.e. cheap!)

  2. We actually have a pizza/local brewery called The Boiler Room here in Chicago, I'm not sure how they come up with the name though (love the idea of the theatre in an old factory).

    I pretty much shopped through the antique shop photos, I would have bought the Arkansas pennant, pilot photo and cat creamer. Prices seem pretty low, our antique malls are pricey!

  3. Soooo...was the booth full of cat and dog stuff judged a good vintage dealer or bad one? :)
    There is definitely an art to buying. Hopefully I'm one of the good ones! I really enjoy putting something in the shop and then seeing someone buy it and love it.
    Also, your photography continues to be awesome.

  4. the cat and dog booth is definitely a good thing in my book! the crappy ones are the ones that are all vhs tapes!! or there is one with piles and piles of socks? or one full of those huge ugly tulle wreaths.


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