Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flea Market: Things I Didn't Buy Edition

The Nashville Flea Market was so full of amazing vintage christmas stuff this last time. I decided not to get anything until I've actually put out my decorations so i can see what I have room for. i mean, i have FOUR trees now. I need to give at least one away this year. but i was drooling over all the pretty stuff.
i loved how all those balls looked in the wire basket! i'm going to start picking up those glass balls whenever i can find them cheap. i want to make a vintrage ornament wreath too.
my friend thomas came with me and was freaking about this roulette wheel. i made fun of him. because i am mean. haha.  
kyle was looking at this old camera and i loved that you could see his face! so cute.  
i really love the colors on this tablecloth. but it wasn't for sale.
we stopped by the honeybean! kaelah had some really cute stuff! i loved those deer the most. i was a dork and got too nervous to say hi to her though.
as i mentioned before, we were STARVING and had to leave before we made it through the whole market. we made a stop at baja burrito and were recharged and made a trip to goodletsville to one of my all time favorite antique malls.
did not buy this awesome clown.
i am kicking myself for not buying this awesome tv tray! i love it SO MUCH and it was only seven dollars. maybe it will be there when i go back.

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  1. i NEED those deer dreampets. the tray is pretty great, too!

  2. You better get that TV tray before I do! :) - Okay, just kidding. I have a spending freeze. And wow! When I go to the flea market, there is never great Christmas stuff with decent prices. I can't believe that I forgot "the big one" flea market.

  3. What a vintage Christmas wonderland I would love to attend something like that here, I would go nuts. Shame you didn't say hi while checking out Honeybee stuff, it really is the coolest fun meeting other bloggers. I met up with my first blogging friend last weekend at a vintage fashion and decor fair, we had such fun together.

  4. I need more of those plastic Christmas people and animals for my yard :)

  5. I'm a vintage Christmas fanatic but since I live in an apartment can't go too overboard with it-- definitely would have picked up those little stuffed deer! You'll have to post pictures of your decorated trees soon.

  6. I don't know how you left those deer behind! (the dreampets OR those other adorable stuffed deer) And color me insanely jealous of your aluminum tree with mercury glass balls.
    I can't wait to see the ornament wreath you make!

  7. There's nothing like vintage Christmas decorations! I like those green stacker mugs. You didn't buy those either?

  8. now, that egg, those x-mas men, i could go for them, you know... the bambae, e.g., even if i made up the word myself.
    fun post!

  9. You have much more control than I do - I think I would have had to come away with that camera and that egg shaped decoration. Brilliant photos hun!

    Jem xXx

  10. So many neat things!! What a great place that must be.....

  11. You have great self-control! All those vintage Christmas goodies would have tempted me, for sure, unless the prices were way high. I like the display of the ornaments in the wire basket, too. Great idea for displaying them.

    I think you are destined to have that TV tray. It really is adorable and unique.

  12. You totally need to go back for that TV tray! I've seen a fellow blogger post about it. I love it too!

  13. Wow, I would have gone crazy at that sale. So many wonderful treasures!!


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