Saturday, November 12, 2011

Downtown Gatlinburg

downtown gatlinburg is basically a tourist trap. and not in a kitschy fun way. well, not for the most part. we went downtown on the first day of our vacation to see if there was anything we wanted to do. it was halloween and it wasn't as festive as i was expecting! i'm glad i didn't paint myself green. haha. later we saw tons of kids trick or treating at all the stores.
there are lots of air brush shirt stores.
and weird stuff to buy. though i kind of wish i had gotten that johnny depp license plate. or a picture that made it look like i was on a date with edward cullen.
there is a TON of ripley's stuff downtown. other than the Believe it or Not Museum and the aquarium they aren't really worth your time (or the insane price!). wait, am i making it seem like gatlinburg is lame?
 look at how beautiful it is!  
 and full of gem mines (did you ever do one when you were young? it remember being really disappointed) and putt puff golf. and old time photo places.  
we went in this really cool store.  
i need to gather all the pictures of us with our heads in things. i love those!  
i can't even remember what this thing was in front of.  
there are so many things to pose next to!  
after looking at lots of knock off purses, black bear stained glass, and candy shops we were starving. so we went to this mexican restaurant. it is one of the only descent food choices in that area. 
i got a bean burrito  
and i loved it!  
after eating we walked through the mall (nothing good in there but the magic shop. you've been warned) then headed back to hang out in our cabin. and eat a lot of taffy. even a lame place is fun when you are with your best friends in the whole world.


  1. Jose's veggie fajitas are the bomb dot com! We always eat there when we go to the aquarium (it's actually my favorite aquarium in the country!). Everything else was hit or miss for us (until we went to the exotic petting zoo and i got bit by a camel and rushed to the ER! hah!) i'll always remember that trip! :P


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