Friday, November 11, 2011

Vacation in the Smokey Mountains

Travis and I hadn't taken more than a few days off from work in more than a year and a half, so we decided that we had to do something this fall. Somehow we decided to rent a cabin in the Smokey Mountains with our best friends, Crystal and Marc. Then, lucky us, our other best friend Thomas was able to get a week off from work to and he came up with us! It was great. I've been going through the THOUSANDS of pictures that Crystal and I took, so i'll try not to bore you. haha. Here is post one!

here is my mountain of luggage. minus all the food we took, minus the big pile of games. of course i didn't need most of it. i took three books! what was i thinking? thank goodness we decided not to bring craft supplies.
thomas borrowed his mom's van and drove us all. it was great! it made it really feel like a "family vacation." crystal and i sat in the middle and worked on people magazine puzzles and watched russell brand (of course). 
we stopped in cookeville for lunch. i ate so many fries (i picked around the bacon) i could only eat a few bites of my actual lunch. a good start for my week of over eating. haha.
here is our cabin! it was so awesome. i was really glad we decided to rent a group cabin instead of staying in a hotel. we had a kitchen and a big huge couch by a fireplace and a hot tub! it made it so easy to relax. we slept in every day, we ate dinner at the cabin a lot, we got in the hot tub pretty much every night. it was perfect. and it was actually much cheaper than staying in a hotel. less than 25 dollars a night per person. so i would really recommend it.
the street our cabin was on.  
travis and my room. there whole cabin was black bear themed. so lovely.  
the view out our window.


  1. The cabin looks awesome. I know I wanted to rent a cabin for a week this summer but it never happened. Maybe next summer... oh I miss having a woods near me.
    More pictures!


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