Friday, December 23, 2011

FInally found it!

I've been looking for the perfect vintage tree skirt for a few years. I never seemed to find tree skirts at all, much less ones I loved. But it finally happened! I went to an estate sale on a whim, just because I was kind of near it, even though I hadn't seen anything great in the pictures. And there it was...

It is in pristine condition. the felt is so soft! and the sequins! I'm scared to iron it because I don't want to mess it up! This was folded up in a closet, which is the only reason I think it was still there when I stopped by. The rest of the house was pretty picked over.

Do you recognize the deer? They are such a classic vintage shape!

Just like my little flocked deer! I have two more similar ones.

Apparently I have a thing for red Christmas deer.

And how freaking cute is this Santa? I picked him up at Rare Bird. I love his pose, and his eyelashes!


  1. Ooh! What lovely decorations :) If you still want to try ironing the tree skirt you could always do it but maybe put a towel on top on a low setting.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. what a score! i never see tree skirts i like. ever! yours is dreamy!

  3. I don't see tree skirts either. This is a really nice one, good job! Your little Santa looks like he's doing the twist. So cute!

  4. That sure is a nice tree skirt - not much like what you see in the stores now....


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