Monday, December 5, 2011

Rainy Day

Today is my day off and it has been dark and rainy all day long. I left the house only to go to the post office, pick up a burrito, and make a quick stop at the goodwill outlet. Other than that we had a pretty lazy day.

these two followed me around and watched me fold 1000 loads of laundry.

i worked on my Christmas decorations. I can't get over this tree!

I'm not quite done yet, I'll do a thorough, dorky Christmas home tour this weekend.

I made some amazing cranberry bread out of the Veganomicon cookbook. I used fresh cranberries for the first time! I thought they looked so pretty in that old pyrex dish.

I heated up the leftovers from the fancy dinner training I went to for lunch. It was cedar plank salmon and potatoes and leeks cooked with asiago cheese, and a cheese fritter. I love dinner trainings so much! They always take us to fancy places and encourage us to order tons of stuff. Delicious. We have another one this week.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting on the couch, plotting my ornaments for the handmade exchange this weekend,  and watching season 2 of Glee. It kept making me cry! What is wrong with me? haha. Now that Travis is home we are finally watching A Very Potter Musical and I'm trying to get sleepy since I have to be up at 5. It isn't working. As usual.


  1. I'm so jealous of your tree, I'm crying a little over here! Some day a vintage aluminum tree will be mine. :)

  2. Growing up we had a tree just like yours! Since it is aluminum you can't put lights on it so we had a rotating light that changed colors, It sat was across the room but was aimed toward the tree! It's the only tree I remember until I got into high school. My mother sold it in a garage sale and we had real Christmas trees after that! Pug Hugs, Ellen

  3. i cry almost everythime i watch glee! gah!

    your tree is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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