Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poor Pitiful Scampi

As usual, when we are trying to be really frugal and save some money, someone ends up at the vet. This time it was Scampi. She suddenly developed some really gross scabs all down her back! They suspect a flea allergy (I don't give them flea prevention in the winter since the cats are indoor only). So she got a steroid shot and some antibiotics and we've got to buy 5 doses of flea stuff. Pets sure can be expensive! But it is worth it of course. Look at that pretty face!
We've been looking but haven't seen any fleas yet. Let's hope we don't!
I love curious kitties. Whenever I pull out the chairs around the dining room table they all have to come in and climb all over them. 


  1. Those are some pretty kitties! She might just have general seasonal allergies. My Mister Kitty (god rest his soul) would break out down his spine every single year and we'd get the shot and by the end of the week, he'd be much better. We have a tortie cat now that gets seasonal allergies too and gets the shot.

    I was told once by a pest control person that if you want to find out if you have fleas, either wear white socks or put down a cup of steaming hot milk on the floor. He said they'd jump in the hot milk and you can see them. Of course, this might just work for really bad flea infestations or he might have been crazy.

  2. Mochi has flea allergies, she actually went bald from itching so much before I noticed it, I even had to call the exterminator to get rid of them! Craziness. I hope she heals quick and keeps her hair!

    1. ok, i don't feel so bad not noticing now! i was like "how did this happen? i pet you every day!!' i really hope we dont' have to call an exterminator. i don't know where i would take the cats while they were here!

    2. aw such pretty kitties! poor thing, my Anabelle gets flea allergies as well. It's tricky where we lived before we had a backyard with strays coming in bringing in the fleas, and now we are in a unit the fleas still somehow jump from the grass below (where cats wander the nights) and get into my kittens, frustrating because fleas are such a pain in the butt to break the cycle of!
      oh and totally know what you mean about vet costs always popping up, ahhh lucky they are so damn cute lol xx

  3. we have a kitty who was having similar problems and we bought some crazy shampoo. we washed he twice a week for awhile and it stopped. i'll go dig around for it and see what it was called.


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