Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the Road...

After we left Savannah we headed down the coast. We pulled off the highway hoping that this antique shop would be open. Apparently the owner is only there sporadically. Sadly it was closed. But it was only a few minutes off the interstate so it is always worth a look. Even if you can just pose by the sign!
We peeked in the windows and it looked awesome. Ugh, maybe next time.
Had to take a picture of our drinks. It really shows our personalities. Travis is all function and utility, I'm a sucker for sugar and cute packaging. 
Crossing the state line!
You get free fresh squeezed orange juice at the welcome center! How cute.
Finished the library cat audiobook, and plugged this in. I hate that cover (mostly Woundwart's stupid huge face), but Watership Down just might be my favorite book ever. I have read it over 20 times! And it never gets old. 
We stopped for lunch at a restaurant owned by Bill Murray and his brothers. It is at the golf course where they filmed Caddy Shack.
There were pictures of Bill Murray everywhere. Pretty cute.
Another fried fish lunch. It was really good! The water was so awful though! So much fluoride! Travis was freaking out about it and we stopped at a grocery store immediately after we left so he could get some gallons of distilled water.
Our next stop was St. Augustine. We drove over the lion bridge.
Past this cute light house.
They have little trains that go all over town and take people on tours! I wish we would have had time to go on one. It looked really fun. And look at the spanish moss! (still obsessed)

We drove by the Fountain of Youth to get a picture. Travis is such a good sport driving all over town because I think there is a gator farm with a gator mouth entrance (there wasn't, dang!). After this we headed to Sandford and went out to dinner with my grandparents. Wait until I show you pictures of my grandma's kitchen! It is basically unchanged since the 70's when they bought the house! It is INCREDIBLE!


  1. Ahhh, I want to go the Bill Murray restaurant!

  2. "Dead people's things" made me laugh too much!:)

  3. Oh man! The more I read your blog the more I like you. Watership Down is my all-time favourite book. I keep saying when I have money I'm going to get a tattoo, but it still hasn't happened despite years of planning. Anyway, my friend keeps refusing to draw me a rabbit with stars in his ears, so probably won't happen any time soon anyway :)

    1. oh man that would be amazing! i had all these plans to get all kinds of stuff for my favorite books on one of my legs, but all i have so far is bunnicula.

  4. can pose in the jaws of a gator to go through the giftshop.

    1. oh yeah, we found it later in the week! it is in the same town as a gift shop shaped as an orange and an ice cream shop shaped like a cone! i love florida.

  5. :sigh: Savannah... I'm still in morning over our having to leave there. I saw the canteen, military?

  6. My Mom sent me a photo years and years ago in front of that same sign! I love that Travis uses a canteen.


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