Friday, February 17, 2012

Other stuff I saw...

Of course there is more to the Universal parks than the wizarding world. We bought double park passes at Costco (SUCH a good deal, I really recommend it) so we had to go to both parks. Here are some of the cute things we saw.

I always forget how much I like Jurassic Park. I can vividly remember seeing it in the theater. I was REALLY scared and hid my head behind my dad more of the time. I loved this pizza sign! It moved, like the raptors were fighting. So precious.
The Dr. Seuss portion of the park was really cute too. I loved all the topsy turvy buildings.

My favorite part of the toon area was all the photo ops. I made Travis pose EVERYWHERE.
I've always liked the drawings of Dagwood's sandwiches, so I loved this store front. We rode the Spiderman ride, but after the Forbidden Journey ride it seemed really lame and dated.
We hopped over to the Universal Park. I really wanted to ride the ET ride!
We waited and waited to get our picture with the Simpsons but this guy was taking SO LONG. His family was taking so many pictures in all different poses and he was getting them all to sign his shirt. It was so annoying, so I finally gave up.
But we did get our picture with this dude. I really hope that movie is good!
There were about 3 people in line for this ride! Travis warned me that it was really dated. Which was perfect! I loved it! Lame animatronics are one of my favorite things! I wish I could have taken pictures on the ride. There were tons of little ET's that were so cute.

I was sure I would find something i wanted to get in the ET shop but I talked myself out of a stuffed animal. I did get a smashed penny of course! I had to buy a new penny book because my other 3 are full. I was bummed they didn't have a Harry Potter penny yet.

There were so many pretty buildings! Parts of the park look like Hollywood, and New York, and other places. We decided to see this show, it was pretty lame. They didn't really show you anything about make up. They just showed movie clips and embarrassed an old lady from the audience. 
We rode the Mummy ride twice! It was really good! I like roller coasters in the dark. And the animatronics were scary! We would have ridden it again but it took so long to walk through the line! There was no wait, it was just this long winding path and I didn't feel like walking it again. Apparently they are building a gringott's bank in this park that will be an indoor roller coaster, and if it is anything like the mummy it will be amazing!
I was bummed they didn't have a Universal Monster store. This little cafe was super cute though. I love the wolfman holding the pizza!
We got caramel apples with peanuts on the way out. Yummmmmm.
We parked in King Kong.

And people, let me just say, if you are going to get on the moving sidewalk and stand still at least all stand to one side so you don't block the whole thing! The point is you get where you are going faster! Ugh! I got mad every time we go on the sidewalks, haha.


  1. The mummy is one of my favorite coasters! It's soooo funy. I refuse to see the Horror Make Up show because Steven said they show Regan from The Exorcist and I'd piss my pants. Also I love ET too!!

    1. that was supposed to say fun, not funy hahahah

    2. haha, yeah right, you know you think the lame brenden frasier video at the end is HILARIOUS.
      the horror make up show wasn't good at all! you aren't missing anything.
      if there had been no harry potter section, the ET ride probably would have been my favorite at the park!
      i'm so glad jaws was closed. travis would have made me ride it and probably would have pissed my pants on that! that movie is SO SCARY to me!

  2. I feel like I'm on vacation. Thanks for brightening the day in my cube :) Older rides are my favorite. I used to go to Kings Dominion in Virginia like 10 years ago and be the only one in line for Smurf Mountain! I really want an E.T. squished penny. I have a big collection but they're all in a box right now that I haven't even counted. The highlights of my collection are all from truck stops, haha.

    1. oh man, i'm so excited to know someone else who likes smashed pennies! I LOVE them! If i had known I would have sent you one!

  3. Tell me more about Jurassic Park! I want to go there sooo bad!

    1. we didn't ride either of the rides (one was a water ride, and the other one you have to have a kid to go on. lame. haha) we just went into the welcome center. it was pretty awesome because it was just like in the movie! and we got to see a raptor get born!

  4. These pictures make me wanna go again!

  5. I am so beyond jealous!Those smashed penny's are cute! You don't see them much in England!

    1. i love smashed pennies so much! a friend brought me one from london when she went on her honeymoon! she said it took her FOREVER to find one!

  6. love your blog! and the photos! if you have a button youd like to swap let me know!

  7. You make me want to go to Orlando so much more than before. Especially for wizarding world.

  8. Everytime I ride ET I tell them my name is "Evita" that way when ET thanks me at the end he calls me E-VEEE-TAH

    I love it!

    They are going to tear out the ET ride soon I have heard and replace with something more current.

    I will miss it.

    Good times

  9. I like the picture of you guys hugging the little furry fellow. So cute.
    And the caramel, nut-covered apples. Ack!


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