Friday, February 10, 2012

Sling time again!

The weather has been so good lately! So good that I made Travis go on a walk with me and girls. We pulled out the ole dog sling and I made a big fuss over them, as usual. And took a ton of photos.

Phyllis actually walked most of the way. She was running as fast as she could! I think the sun felt good on her bad joints. That and she has been getting her joint supplements again. I think they are really making a difference for her. 
We put Priscilla in the sling for the first time! She loved it! She is so weird on walks. I'm not sure if she can smell or not, but she doesn't sniff anything, or go to the bathroom the whole time she's on the leash. Such a weirdo. 

Phyllis will tolerate us fawning over her and making her little paw wave.
Priscilla doesn't like it though. No kisses for this girl. I sneak them in sometimes though.

I'm almost sorry for the sling picture spam. Almost. It is just so darn adorable!


  1. No way Ilove these pictures of you pups. :] They look happy anyways.

  2. Ahhhhhh pug cuteness!!

    You would LOVE Oakland...its the unofficial pug capital of Northern California. I swear on the weekends I see anywhere between 10-15 pugs walking around the lake by my house and by the farmer's markets.

    A few are in slings too so seems like a pug thing (and you just don't understand).

    Super cute!

  3. I love this. Your babies look like such sweethearts. I hadn't heard of dog slings and now I know I need to get them! One of our little dogs can't walk far and the other has major leash aggression. Slings would be perfect!

    1. it works so good! phyllis gets tired since she just has three legs, so she is usually the one in the sling, but priscilla has bad joints and sometimes she needs to be carried too. i bought the sling at tj maxx randomly, and it is so awesome!

  4. They look so cute; the sling is such a great idea! My mum had pugs while i grew up and they haaated walkies hah

  5. Oh gosh
    Were so happy to see photos of Priscilla and Phyliss! They are sooo cute! My moms would like to kissy them all over!
    The sling is a great idea. I have one too. When I go to the ocean, I get tired and need to be carried sometimes.
    Nitey nite my friend

  6. the sling really is the cutest thing ever! gah!


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