Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bath time!

We have had lots of bath times around here lately. It is not good. (how do they get fleas in the WINTER? when they have frontline??) At least Prisiclla LOVES them. Even though she looks like a sad sack in this picture! Usually I do it, but I got Travis to this time, so I could take pictures of this little gremlin in the tub. She even tries to get in when we are in the shower, she loves it so much.

Such a sweet girl.
Phyllis isn't as much of a fan. But she looks so sweet wrapped up in her towel afterwards! 


  1. i wish my dog liked baths. he's so smelly!

  2. Holy crap. That was soo cute. You lucky lady having those to wash at home. My cats and rats don't look as cute when in the bath.

  3. We don't like baths so much, either! But we always feel good after we're dry! Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  4. So cute. I love your dog's face in the photo with the shampoo squirted on. lol

  5. That is a mighty precious little gremlin in the bathtub!
    And now all squeaky clean!

  6. Fresh as daisies and sooooo cute! I hate to hear that your flea fears were true - maybe the milder Winter helped the fleas stick around more.

  7. Look at that little baby! (actually melts from the sheer brilliance of the cute-itude) And a good sport, too!

  8. That first picture is hilarious. Lily LOVES water but flips when I bathe her. Your girls are so dang cute.


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