Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Estate Sale Loot

Here is what I ended up getting from the estate sale I posted about a few days ago. Since every thing was so expensive, I only got little things. Most of this stuff was a dollar or less.
Here are some details of that big crewel work! Oh I love it! When we carried it up to the front to pay they said there was a smaller matching one, but someone must have grabbed it. In the same room there was a closet full of beautiful vintage clothes but two ladies had it blocked off and were slowly going through everything so no one else had a chance. Bummer. Not that I will ever find cute stuff in my size.
Here is my poodle again. Isn't she beautiful? I'm so happy I got her! One of my favorite finds ever. I've been talking about it all week. I'm sure Travis is tired of hearing about it. ahah.
I got this pretty platter for a dollar. Some silly owl thermometer magnets, and a shoppers helper. I'm planning on actually using that at estate sales in the future! So I don't get up to the table with a 100 dollar total. (That has definitely happened before)
Tacks in a cute old box.
A little rusty first aid kit for Travis' collection.
Couldn't resist this. I love Dolly!
It has ads for Opryland in it! Does anyone else remember that place? I wish it was still around. They bulldozed it and made a lame mall in it's place.
This vinyl ish elephant is missing his ears, but isn't he cute? I wonder what he is from, and what the 85 is for. A team mascot? 
I love these vintage chip board animals. I have a deer from another sale. These were much more reasonably priced. Just a buck a piece! Isn't the circus horse cute?
I love yard sticks. Which I know is weird. I think I have 5 or six of them. This one seems to be a campaign piece. I can't resist red white and blue stuff either.
I got four paint by numbers at this sale! They weren't framed, but they were cheap. I want to put these two landscapes over my mantle.

And you know I couldn't resist these dogs! I love how fat they are! I just need to figure out how to clean them.

I left behind some sailboats, and some landscapes that were really pretty and had swans, but also had strange dancing jester figures that I just wasn't in to. 
So now you might be thinking "What do you mean that sale wasn't good? You got such good stuff!" It was pretty good, but the listing made it sound INCREDIBLE. like, the sale of the century!


  1. Gah! So many great things, those paint by number landscapes are gorgeous - I love them. I found a large paint by number of a creepy little girl with a kitten that I'll post soon. That elephant! Goodness, you've got such good taste in awesome.

    1. ooo i can't wait to see your paint by number! i need to round all mine up and take pictures of them all!

  2. Girl, that's some great stuff! I'm still pining over your poodle and those paint-by-numbers are fantastic. The colors in the first two are out of this world and those dogs - wowee!

    I've never tried this but I've heard several people say that you can clean paint by numbers with bread. Just rub the soft portions of bread (not the crust) in small sections on the painting and then brush the crumbs away with a soft brush. Could be worth a shot.

    1. that is such a weird cleaning tip! i'm going to try it!

  3. i agree with eartha - the first 2 paint by numbers are SO, SO beautiful. love the colors.

    OWL THERMOMETERS! adorable!!!!

  4. I love that poodle photo. I can't believe people block off rooms at those things. Some people are lame.

  5. you found some great things, the elephant is my favorite but the paintings by number are fantastic too. And the flowers and the first aid kit.... It seems we have the same taste

  6. I don't know what I love more - the poodle portrait or the owl magnets! And those paint by numbers are incredible. What good luck!

  7. OMG. I love those owl magnets!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! You totally scored!! Those chipboard animals are so cute!!

  9. Found you by way of FleaMarketFinds. Lovin' the elephant and the colors in the first paint by number are sooo pretty! I found one with pretty colors but left it, and when I came back it was gone... since then all I've seen never compares. Congrats on your finds. I too have a folding yard stick collection- I love it when they are colored.

  10. I can't resist anything dog related either! I'll come home with a bag of things for re-sell....and at least one dog item I just fell in love with and had to add to my my collection.


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