Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Holga Class Update

I guess I should update you on my Alternative Photo Techniques class. I have really enjoying being in a dark room again, even if I do get really frustrated most of the time. I always want to be really good at something right away and there is a lot of trial and error when developing photos.
There is something relaxing about the film developing process. All the measuring and timing.
One of the first things we did was make pictograms. You make them by placing items on the photo paper and exposing them to light. So like making a print, but not using a negative. This is my favorite of the ones I did. It is using some fabric flowers, buttons, and a silly alligator comb.
I haven't gotten any great prints yet. I've got a few more rolls to develop. The lab is closed this week for spring break so I need to shoot for my final project. I haven't even really decided what to do yet. Here are some pictures from my first roll. You can see there is a light leak in the bottom right of my camera. 

This one is from the second camera. I learned that taking lots of far away pictures isn't a great way to figure out how the camera works. And I was really over compensating for the fact that the view finder isn't connected to the actual lens. Hopefully I'll get something more interesting soon. I want to try some double exposures with one of the rolls.


  1. How fun! I haven't been in a dark room for over 15 years. I still have my very first pictograms tucked away in the old hope chest from my very first photography class in 11th grade (eek, that was 22 years ago). I love that last shot, very dark ... kinda sinister.

  2. That looks like fun, and its so refreshing on the eyes to see black and white photos blogged x

  3. I love the pictogram, we should become good friends & you can give it to me to commemorate the first time we "met" when I said I really liked it on your blog.

  4. These are so cute! I love the pictogram so much!

  5. i love the last photo! i need to find a darkroom stat!

  6. that tree with all the moss is soo cool!


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